The baby without skin undergoes lifesaving surgery

The doctors perform a lifesaving surgery at Texas Children’s Hospital on a 10-month-old Ja’bari Gray. This baby was born without skin and was risking his life. His mother is so grateful to the doctors that she is finally able to hold and kiss her baby.
The baby was born on new year’s night with no skin in major areas of his body, as reported by San Antonio Express News. The newborn’s mother, Priscilla Maldonado shares that this baby boy was literally having nothing from his neck down, at back and front both. Some parts of his legs were also without skin.

At the time of birth, little Ja’bari was only 3 pounds of weight. But defeating the odds, he was struggling for his life. Before that, two other kids of Priscilla Maldonado were born with this same condition. Unfortunately, none of these survived it. The very first months of Ja’bari were in San Antonio NICU. But his condition was not stable and the doctors and his family were ready for bad news, at any time.

Maldonado didn’t take No as an answer

The mother, Priscilla Maldonado refused to compromise on her son’s condition. After losing two kids already for the same reason, she didn’t want to lose Ja’bari too. She says if his purpose wasn’t to live, why was he struggling after all? If he is struggling to live, all of us should help him to live.

Unfortunately, the missing skin wasn’t Ja’bari’s only problem. There are many other complications as well. He wasn’t opening his eyes that looked like they are glued. Also, his skin was growing on its own, making his toes, fingers and neck became to fuse with the body while staying in the NICU.

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Help from Texas Children’s Hospital

Maldonado says that her pregnancy was absolutely normal and there wasn’t anything wrong at all. All these abnormalities showed up after the baby was born. She has named her son “Ja’bari” which means ‘fighter and warrior”. Considering Ja’bari’s condition he is indeed a fighter who is battling for his life.
Doctors from Texas Children’s Hospital decided to help Ja’bari by growing his skin at a Boston lab that specializes in burn victims. It was the first-ever case for a baby that is not even one year old.

This life changing skin transplant makes Ja’bari capable of looking like a normal baby. Maldonado is finally able to hold and kiss her son after 10 months of wait.

Ja’bari now weighs 18 pounds and is living a medicine free life and his breathing is normal like other babies of his age. He can finally wear clothes and his mother can hold him for hours. After undergoing two surgeries for eyelids, arms, feet and neck, he is finally able to move all his body parts. Maldonado is hopeful and positive about her baby. But Ja’bari still has a long way to go to live a normal life.



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