Protein Shakes Containing Whey Protein May Damage Your Health

People take protein shakes as a dietary aid for building muscle mass. A recent study on mice says that whey protein is not safe for health in the long run. Protein shakes do not enhance and recover muscle-building strength post-workout in comparison with carbohydrate shakes.

Protein shakes are made up of whey proteins which contain branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids are known to build muscle mass in bodybuilders although scientists do not believe this. Protein shakes are getting popular day by day which has also increased the sales of whey protein to $9.4 billion in the year 2017.

Adverse Effects of High Levels of BCAA’s

A research on mice to study the health effects of branched-chain amino acids. The findings reveal that whey protein has amino acids so its excessive intake can be harmful. Ketogenic diets are very popular nowadays for losing weight. However, such diets deprive the body of carbohydrates.

The negative effects of such a diet are known as detrimental for health in mid-late life. Many keto users say that it is hard to balance of amino acid intake in diet. This can be done by varying the sources of protein.

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Consuming only high doses of whey protein can also pose dangers for health such as headaches, fatigue, stomach pains, reduced appetite, and nausea. Although there are health benefits of why protein as it is rich in all 9 amino acids, the excessive intake will have potential risks.
Moreover, the study showed that a high intake of BCAAs in the blood affected how another amino acid known as tryptophan functions. Tryptophan is the precursor of serotonin, a key hormone for regulating mood. It also shows that these amino acids found in the blood competed with tryptophan by suppressing mood.

Function of Tryptophan

Serotonin is the happy hormone which may not activate when amino acids are in abundance in the blood. Tryptophan does not function properly in these circumstances leading to unwanted consequences. This is where the problem comes.
When serotonin hormone has low levels in the blood, it often results in overeating. The signals to the brain result in a higher appetite and the person eats a lot more than his normal diet. These observations were made after feeding mice with the double intake of amino acids.
The findings of the current research clarify that the protein in the diet should come from varying sources. Whey protein may have undesirable consequences on health in later years. Protein shakes are a popular gym essential but are not as such beneficial for health. It is better to find alternative sources of protein.

How Does Balanced Nutrition Work for Muscle Building?

Another study proved that balanced nutrition intake works for recovering from muscle soreness. Protein shakes failed to enhance power in participants when the muscle function was tested. It was observed that the body needs carbohydrates for restoring glycogen and refuel itself. Protein only diet cannot work efficiently for resistance training in the gym.

Many studies believe that protein shakes cannot relieve muscle pain effectively. They work the same as any carbohydrate only drink and deprive the body of other nutrients. It is advised to aim for complete nutrition to gain strength and recover from soreness after workouts.


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