Getting Sued for Being Too Good – Fortnite brought to Court for being as Addictive as Cocaine

The trend of playing games has tremendously increased since the last decade. Fortnite has added fuel to the fire by becoming a matter of dispute among many.

There are times when gaming companies file lawsuits against other gaming companies. However, in some cases, people file lawsuits against games that promote extreme violence and sexuality.

Some games have always been the center of attraction and legal arguments like Mortal Kombat, PUBG, and Grand Theft Auto.

It was because of Mortal Kombat the ESRB ratings were introduced and are still being used in the games. The game showed a lot of bloodshed and violence, which is why many of the parents went against it.

What kind of legal battle does Fortnite await?

Fortnite is a royale game that is based on fighting and a little violence. In this game up to 100 players can play together or even solo. The one who survives at the last as a team or solo wins the game.

The game was introduced by Epic Games in 2017. It within no time became one of the most likable and top played games among the children.

Fortnite has nearly 250 million players, which is huge. However, this royal battle game which was once the top hit is losing its players due to the recent controversy.

Recently, the company behind the making of the famous game Fortnite has been facing a lot of accusations. The complaint was filed in court in Canada where they have accused the company of making the game so addictive. People are describing it as addictive as cocaine.

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The attraction Fortnite is gaining these days is not because of its special features or violence. The game has become a center of attraction due to its addictive elements.

The lawyer who has stood against the Epic Games Company is Jean-Philippe Caron. According to Jean-Philippe Caron, during the formation of the game, the company consulted psychologists to make it as addictive as possible.

Not only this, but the company Epic Games also has not mentioned any warnings or health-related risks in their game, Fortnite.

A legal notice was filed in Quebec against Fortnite by a parent of two

Parents of two have filed a complaint against the company as their kids are now addicted to the game Fortnite. The kids were found to be addicted to the game from the very start.

According to the legal complaint, Fortnite is a royale game that releases dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is released as a component of reward-motivated behavior.

The lawsuit states that the game on purpose is designed in such a way that people keep on playing it. Parents further explain how the mechanics of the game in a similar way to casinos are purposely designed to hook the players on the slot machines.

However, it is not only Fortnite who has gone into trouble, but other royal battle games also keep on facing such issues too on and off.

Like a few days back, Indian lawmakers stood against a game called PUBG. It was banned throughout India. The action was taken so strongly and strictly that people who were found in playing PUBG were arrested.

Like PUBG, Fortnite has not received any complaints about any deaths. The lawsuit is against the company rather than the players this time. However, the decision cannot be taken alone by the lawyer himself and the Quebec Superior Court will decide the future of the game Fortnite.

The case could go on for as long as one year. It all depends on how much time the Quebec Superior Court takes on taking a final decision. According to Jean-Philippe Caron, if the Epic Games Company fails to justify themselves, the company would be asked to pay the damage which is hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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