Clear Nails Plus Review: Must Read This Before Buying (Updated)

Updated: After reviewing a few new similar products, we now recommend you to try another product that works significantly better than Clear Nails Plus in helping you get rid of a Toenail fungus. This new recommended supplement is  “Fungus Eliminator By PureHealth Research”. Thousands of user reviews online suggest that this product works better than Clear Nail Plus and clears the persistent toenail fungus. It is also more affordable than Clear nails plus and provide results faster. We highly suggest you to try Fungus Eliminator and not Clear Nails Plus for a complete elimination of toenail fungus.

Clear Nail Plus Overview

Talk about the most undesirable and stubborn infections and nothing can beat a toenail fungal infection. Starting from just a simple discoloration of the nail, these fungal infections are the most persistent in terms of healing. It may take years to get rid of these fungal infections and that too with long term use of medicines.

Despite being so common, many people don’t even realize that they have an infected fingernail or toenail. The nail appears as damaged, discolored and porous and sometimes it detaches from the nail bed. They are painless and don’t look like a real problem for health. But what to do if you don’t want to use medicine for years? Here is a product that can help you. Clear Nail Plus is a supplement specially designed to boost nail health and reduces the chances to get fungal toenail infection. Here is how it works.

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What to know about Clear Nail Plus?

Clear Nail Plus is a supplement designed by Roy Williams. It is a blend of natural ingredients that work as a toenail fungal support formula. It is in the form of soft-gel capsules. A user would consume these capsules as per dosage guidelines. Each capsule is loaded with the fine blend of herbs and brings healing effects for the body.clear-nails-plus

Clear Nails Plus works by eliminating the root cause of fungal infections. Most of the time, antifungal creams are topical and they may not be able to completely kill fungal spores. Using a supplement feels unrealistic for toenail fungal infection but it actually improves immunity and reduces the risk of fungal infections.

Every user can feel a noticeable difference in his health within a few weeks of using Clear Nails Plus.

Working of Clear Nail Plus Pills

Clear Nail Plus pills are to be used with water. It is just like any other health-boosting dietary supplement. The miraculous ingredients inside its formula strengthen the body’s natural immunity and response in case of foreign threats.

Fungal infections are deeply penetrated into the skin, which is why using the antifungal creams alone wouldn’t help. Also, antifungal medicines do not protect a person from any fungal attack in the future or any recurring fungal infection. For all these issues, using a supplement that protects the body from inside such as Clear Nail plus is a real problem solver.

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All readers should try “Fungus Eliminator by PureHealth Research” to get rid of recurring toenail fungal infections. It is a unique blend of herbs which gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no side effects at all. This is a new and improved formula that works on overall health and boosts immunity naturally. Not to forget it is much cheaper than Clear Nails Plus and is affordable by a majority of users.

Best effects of Clear Nail Plus

  • Completely kills toenail fungus
  • Improves nail health
  • Makes faster recovery from toenail fungal infection
  • Adds shine and better texture to nail
  • Removes all discolored spots in no time
  • Protects the nail and skin against fungal attacks

Ingredients inside Clear Nail Plus formula

Going through the ingredient list of Clear Nail Plus would tell that it has all-natural ingredients inside. There are absolutely no side effects and they are safe for human health. Here is a list of ingredients.

  • Turmeric
  • Bacillus subtilus
  • Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • Bifidobacterium Longum
  • Bifidobacterium Breve
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum
  • Lactobacillus Rhamnosus
  • Lactobacillus Casei

** This review is about Clear Nail Plus, but it is worth mentioning that Clear Nail Plus only works against one or two common infections. On the other side, there are not one specific fungi to cause toenail infection, instead, there are many. So it is necessary to use a product that works against maximum fungal strains. Comparing with new supplements, “Fungus Eliminator By PureHealth Research” is better than the rest because it is a board spectrum antifungal which doesn’t let a fungal infection spread to nails or body. It is better, cheaper and much more efficient in working than Clear Nail Plus. That is why people in online forums now recommend using “Fungus Eliminator” for extensive benefits.  

What will you get from Fungus Eliminator?

  • A complete recovery from fungal infection
  • Healing of damaged nail and skin of toenail
  • Prevention from fungal infection spread
  • Helpful against a number of fungi
  • Suits every person
  • Boots overall health naturally
  • Shows results within two weeks of use
  • Comes with refund option
  • Faster delivery
  • Free stuff with each order

Side effects of Clear Nail Plus, if any?

Clear Nail Plus only contains natural ingredients and mentions a complete list of its ingredients. Thee are no chances that it can cause side effects in users. Make sure that the seal is intact before using it and do not use it if it isn’t intact. Also, this product is not suitable for chronic fungal infection patients as a treatment, it is only a health booster and not medicine. This supplement should not be used by children and pregnant women.

Buy Clear Nail Plus online

The price of one bottle is $69.00 only. However, buying three or six bottles will reduce the price. Every user can buy a three bottle pack of Clear Nail Plus in $59 each bottle. Likewise, for a six-bottles pack, the price will further decrease to $49 per bottle.

All orders are shipped for free and come with a 180-day money refund option.

Bonus gifts

  • “The 24-Hour Fungal Flush”
  • “The Diabetes Fungus Fighting Handbook”


Clear Nail Plus by Integrated Health is one of the top choices when it comes to finding natural solutions for toenail fungus. It is a dietary supplement and it boosts the health to completely eradicate fungal spores from the body. It improves the natural immunity and doesn’t let fungal infection to hit again. It is slightly expensive for all this, and if you want a cheaper alternative of Clear Nail Plus, try, “Fungus Eliminator by Purehealth Research”.



The information contained in this article doesn’t apply to people with chronic fungal infections that are already spread to other body parts. It is also not suitable for people diagnosed with medical conditions alongside toenail fungal infection. If you suspect that your infection has spread/is spreading, and causing other health complications, it is advised seeking medical help as soon as possible. As to Fungus Eliminator, this product is only suitable for early-stage common fungal toenail infections.





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