A petition submitted to FDA to add warning label on cheese

A group of doctors has submitted a petition to the FDA to add a warning label on cheese. These doctors are members of the nonprofit Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). They have petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to add a warning label on all cheese that is made from cow’s milk. It is a right of all consumers to know that the hormones it contains may increase the risk of breast cancer.

Here is a link to the press release by PCRM explaining this relation.

Typically the cheese that is made from cow’s milk may contain reproductive and growth hormones. Some research finds these hormones to increase cancer risks. But on the other side, some other research finds that cheese has no such harmful effects. It is actually healthy for the consumer and it lowers health risks such as heart problems and type-2 diabetes.

The organization, PCRM emphasizes plant-based nutrition and less use of animal products. The petition is submitted in the first week of October that is marked as Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide. The 12,000 members all around the world cited research in the petition, which says that high-fat cheese products may cause 53%, an increase in breast cancer risk in women.

Estrogen in cheese may cause breast cancer

Breast cancer in women is one of the top causes of death in the USA. It has more than 240,000 new cases every year, which leads to 40,000 deaths, says, reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Cheese has some role in increasing the risk of breast cancer. It uses dairy milk from cows that have hormones in it. These hormones end up being inside cheese which then transmit to women’s body. The cheese-making process typically uses these hormones for example IGF-1. This is one particular hormone about which the research assumes to have a link with the risk of breast cancer.

Other than that cheese has saturated fat in it. Studies find a significantly high risk of breast cancer due to high-fat dairy usage. All these facts suggest that cheese brands should add a warning label on every pack. This way the women will be aware of risks of high-fat consumption leading to breast cancer and death.

Low-fat dairy is the best alternative

This petition doesn’t state cheese to be removed from US markets immediately. It is only a preventive measure from breast cancer by using effective educational marketing. One can always use low-fat cheese and other dairy products as they are a part of an ideal healthy diet.

The moderate amount of fat and some different recipes such as Mediterranean food can reduce the risk. However, the nutritionists find no harm to use full-fat cheese as well. There is not a single food that brings cancer risk. The risk calculation must study a person’s total diet. It also suggests that there are multiple variables in cancer prevalence and spread and cheese is only one of them.

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The cheese doesn’t have a lot of dairy fat in it. But still, the moderate use of full-fat cheese has no deal effects. Most people enjoy having lots of cheese in their recipes which is why the research shows cheese’s link with chronic diseases i.e. heart problems, cancer, etc. Avoid using too much cheese in routine and follow a healthy lifestyle to reduce the risk of breast cancer.


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