A new mother shares how post C-section infection nearly killed her

A woman from New York claims that her C-section incision nearly killed her. Shortly after giving birth in June, Krista Praise, 32 years old woman shares her experience of it. It was her first baby and right after delivery, she developed a high fever. The next few days were even more difficult for her as her fever was crossing 102 degrees F.

How was it different from the normal C-section?

She shares having pain in the lower stomach which felt hot and intense. This situation became so severe that Krista called a gynecologist to schedule a follow-up appointment. Hearing the stories from women with C-section there was something, which was not right with Krista. There were blisters near the C-section incision, which were adding up to her panic. There was pus oozing out of these blisters, causing so much pain and discomfort. It was literally a near-death experience for her.

Most of the post-C-section infections are bacterial. The symptoms include fever, wound sensitivity, pain, redness, and inflammation at the site, discharging fluids or pus, painful urination, foul-smelling from incision and bleeding. It leaves the new mother in extreme pain and confusion on what went wrong with her.

The risk factors in developing post-C-section infections are obesity, diabetes or chorioamnionitis. The long-term steroid use, previous deliveries, and poor prenatal care also increase the chances of getting an infection. Long labor, excessive blood loss during delivery and unavailability of essential antibiotics make it even worse.

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The condition Krista was suffering from is “necrotizing fasciitis” commonly famous as flesh-eating infection. It is a highly dangerous infection that requires immediate surgery to save the life of the new mother. This surgery prevents the infection from spreading further. Two weeks after C-section Krista was literally fighting for her life. She wasn’t even able to see or hold her baby during this time. She is still in the healing phase after her life-saving surgery. It gives a message to all young mothers to immediately seek help whenever they feel something is not normal with them.

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What causes necrotizing fasciitis infection?

Necrotizing means killing the tissues and fasciitis means swelling of the fascia. Fascia is the tissue that covers all muscles, nerves and blood vessels in the human body. This flesh-eating bacterial infection has more than one causative agent. Many public health experts believe that many members of group A strep are able to cause necrotizing fasciitis.

The only way these bacteria can infect is when they enter the body through a cut or wound. The most common entries of Strep are scrapes, burns, surgical cuts, puncture wounds, insect bites, etc. However, it is still possible to get necrotizing fasciitis after an injury even if it doesn’t cut the skin open. Such an injury is called blunt trauma. It rarely spreads through contact. In extreme cases, necrotizing fasciitis may cause sepsis, shock, organ failure, loss of limbs or severe scarring. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises people to follow proper wound care to prevent this infection.



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